Here you will find some documented thoughts and experiences- in the mental, physical and spiritual realm- with the hopes of guiding you toward holistic wellness and living mindfully.

Be well.

Welcome to The Psycholyogi

Welcome to The Psycholyogi

Hi! So excited to have you here.

I know, I know. Psycholyogi isn’t a real word, BUT I was driving home one day and thought about how I would name a blog by meshing together my two passions, psychology and yoga. It went like this: Yogology? Psyologi? Psychyogi? Yogipsych? PSYCHOLYOGI. Pronunciation: Sigh-Call-Yo-Ghee. Just say it ten times. You’ll get used to it ;)

Let’s start by covering three major questions you may have:

Who are you and why should I read your blog?

I am many things: a grad student, yogi, dog-mom, wife, daughter, friend, etc. I trust that you will get to know me as I continue writing posts. However, if you want more specifics, click on my “About Me.” You should subscribe to this blog because it isn’t just about me and my lifestyle. It’s about YOU! I am always open to taking questions and feedback and want my posts to resonate with you in some way. Let’s be honest, some of them will resonate more than others, but you can pick and choose which posts you want to read.

Why did you start this blog?

Many reasons! I actually debated on starting one for a long time because although I had many individuals encourage me to, especially due to my lengthy Instagram posts, I honestly didn’t know if I would be able to find the time. I also wasn’t sure how I could create a blog that I would be able to maintain now and into my career as a psychologist in the future. I came up with this idea because I have so many thoughts on so many areas that I am passionate about and I’ve received lots of the same questions in the past year or two from people that trust what I have to say. I want to finally start answering those questions and take advantage of the fact that I have the ability to impact even the smallest of positive changes in each human that reads what I write.

Are your posts going to ONLY be based off of yoga and psychology?

No. The majority of them will be, but it’s going to be separated into three categories (you can see if you click on the menu bar). Mental, physical, spiritual and wanderlust. The mental category will consist of tips to work toward mental health, mindfulness, psychology-related posts and anything related to the mind. The physical category will involve exercise, fashion and food that I am inspired to post about. The spiritual category will center on posts that may help you connect with your inner self, such as meditation. Some posts may dip into multiple categories, especially if it’s related to yoga or mindfulness, as they may be applied to a spiritual, physical or mental element.

One final note: 

An important thing to know about myself and this blog is that I am not an expert, nor am I a perfect human. I am constantly growing and changing, as are you. I am simply sharing with you my own experiences and knowledge that I’ve collected and hope that it helps you apply some piece of it to your life in a way that benefits your well-being. Please understand that sometimes I’ll talk about things that I’m noticing others go through and sometimes I’ll talk about things that I, too, am currently working through. I won’t hold back from mentioning that; it helps me to write it out and if it can help or inspire you in some way, then hey, why not? Let’s do this thing we call “life,” together. xo

The Art of Letting Go

The Art of Letting Go