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Gentle Stretches for Back Pain

Gentle Stretches for Back Pain

As some of you may have read through Instagram, I was involved in a car accident in October. Long story short, the other driver ran a red light and totaled my car (along with my back). I am typically active, so before the accident I was going to yoga, pilates and hiking weekly. However, I was told to take a couple of weeks to rest, which was SO hard to do, especially because exercise is my form of self-care.

 I have below some gentle and restorative yoga poses that felt amazing while I allowed my back to heal. They are great to do each morning or night. It's also great to have handy if you do have back pain, but consistently go to yoga, as you can use this as a guide for modifications of certain poses that come along in classes.

1.     Cat-Cow

As you inhale, roll the shoulders back as you allow the belly to sink toward the ground. As you exhale, lift and curl the spine up toward the sky. Gently massage your spine and abdominals.

2.     Gentle Forward Fold

When doing a forward fold with back pain, be sure to have a gentle bend in the knees and always keep the spine lengthened, not rounded. Allow gravity to take over, without overdoing it. Find yourself relaxing in this pose with every exhale.

3.     Side Stretch

Gently lengthening the sides of the body can help release tension in the back. Remember to breathe through the stretch.

4.     Supported Bridge

This is one of my favorites! Lift the hips up to the sky as you adjust your block's height underneath you to give you support on your lower back. 

5.     Reclining Pigeon

This one is great because not only are you helping the lower back, but you're also opening up the hips (I have the tightest hips). Keep the feet flexed to avoid any knee pain.

6.     Supine Twist

Another favorite of mine that always feels great. Keep both shoulders grounded as you allow your knees to fall to one side and face the opposite side for a gentle twist. 

7.     Supported Inversion

If you're wanting to invert, but don't want to push yourself too far, place your legs up the wall with one or two bolsters supporting your lower back.

8. Supported Backbend/Savasana

This is always a great way to end your practice, especially if you're hoping to open up without hurting yourself. Place one bolster horizontally and another bolster on top, vertically. Be sure your lower back is aligned with the bottom bolster. Cactus the arms to open up the heart. Namaste :) 

Outfit compliments of Electric and Rose
Location: Create Yoga Studio, Santa Monica
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