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Eye Wellness

Eye Wellness

This post has been sponsored by Signify. I received product and compensation, but all opinions are my own.

There are so many conversations these days around holistic wellness and taking care of our minds and bodies from the inside out. When I think about ability level, I always refer to my “weakest” ability being my eyesight. I started wearing glasses when I was in the third grade, and ever since, my prescription has increased significantly every year. When Signify reached out and wanted to collaborate on the importance of lighting and eye comfort, I felt eager to communicate with you all about it. Lights are everywhere! Yet, it’s something we rarely think about, especially about how it affects our eyes. We spend so much of our time indoors looking at screens – it really impacts our eyes more than we probably take note of. Choosing to fill your home with quality lighting that is comfortable for your eyes is a great step toward self-care in the eye department.

I recently tried out the  Philips SceneSwitch LED light bulbs, and they are truly the coolest! They’re energy-efficient, long-lasting and designed with eye comfort in mind. There are three different settings to help you be at your best during any of your wellness activities. You can easily adjust between each setting by simply flipping the switch off and on again. I took three different photos below with the lighting unedited, so you can see the difference:

Soft white setting for my yoga practice:

Daylight setting to read a book:


Warm glow setting for meditation:

The Philips SceneSwitch LED light bulbs were tested and meet key “eye comfort criteria,” such as quality against flicker, glare, dimming and color rendering. If you haven’t been considering eye comfort during your holistic wellness and self-care practices, I would definitely recommend starting out by switching over to Philips SceneSwitch LED light bulbs.

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