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My Dream Home

My Dream Home

When I moved to Colorado a year ago, I spent one of my first weekends in Boulder, Colorado and immediately fell in love. After that, I quickly became a Boulder regular, even though I lived a little over an hour away. I made it a routine to sit by the creek in the grass reading books with Luna and Sylvie for hours dreaming of calling this place home someday. I made it happen. One year later, here I am and I found the most magical little home. After living in one-bedroom apartments the last couple of years, this is my first time living in a house with a yard, backyard and even side studio! I’ve always loved interior decorating and believe in making your space a representation of who you are and how you want to feel. So, without further ado, here is my new home that just fills my soul with pure gratitude. If furniture is not listed, I am likely uncertain where it is from. xo


Sectional is from Home Depot. Swinging chair is from Pier 1. Rug is from Target.


Side entrance/Sun room:

Wall mirror and side table are from Target. Rug is from The Citizenry.


Living Room:

Wall hanging is from Urban Outfitters. Sofa and coffee table are from Rove Concepts. Click Here for the link to the sofa. Click here for the link to the coffee table. Rug is from World Market.



Furniture is from Rove Concepts. Wall hanging and pillow are from The Citizenry.




Studio (Office, Yoga Room, Guest Space):

Desk is from World Market. Rug and sofa are from Urban Outfitters. Wardrobe is from IKEA.


Dream. Come. True. I feel so lucky to have found this place. The neighbors have been so lovely (lots of free food has been had) and everything around the neighborhood is walkable. I can’t wait to build my community of people here and share my home with others. Thanks for being here. xo

Packing and Moving Tips

Packing and Moving Tips