Here you will find some documented thoughts and experiences- in the mental, physical and spiritual realm- with the hopes of guiding you toward holistic wellness and living mindfully.

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The Importance of Connecting With Your Living Space

The Importance of Connecting With Your Living Space

In the beginning of the year, I reflected on what aspects of my life I felt needed change. Honestly, I’ve always felt that the new year never truly reflected a time of change for me as I am typically pretty good at taking action to make changes that I see are needed without needing a special occasion to do so. However, I did feel like I needed some type of change and felt that I was postponing creating a space in my home that truly resonates with who I am. It’s interesting how tastes and styles can change with time and various stages in your life. Before this redecoration process, I collected various pieces of furniture and décor that was very rustic, nautical and vintage. My home felt comfortable, but not reflective of my mental or spiritual state. Unfortunately, I hadn’t planned on blogging about the changes so I didn’t take any before photos. It wasn’t until I was recording the changes through Instagram story that people were asking about sending more photos or possibly blogging about it, so here I am!

When I created the image in my head of what my new space would look like, I had in my mind clean and modern, yet boho and earthy...

Before redecorating I didn’t feel like I had a good place to sit and get work done at an ideal-sized desk or inspiring space, which was preventing me from staying focused and comfortable during the long hours of school-work. Post-redecorating, I now look forward to sitting at my desk and I always feel comfortable and focused the second I sit down. Additionally, my husband and I typically sat on the couch to eat meals, but since we bought our new dining set, that has also changed, keeping separate our place for eating and a place for relaxing or working. Overall, the changes made to my home truly reflected the modern, clean, boho and earthy vibe I was aiming for.

I think my favorite new additions are all of my home-plants. I always feared having plants in my home thinking that I wouldn’t have time to care for them, but nowadays I find it therapeutic and 100%, without a doubt, worth the time and care I put into keeping them thriving. I didn't get a great photo of my meditation corner, but you can see in the photos that I have a meditation cushion underneath the window by the big plant and next to an amethyst crystal. Creating that space has also encouraged me to stay in touch with my meditation practice. It’s so important to come home to a place that feels distressing and comfortable and keeps me inspired. I’ve learned through this process that my energy has certainly shifted and bringing this new energy into my home has been a transformational, curative process to my overall being. 

Continue scrolling through photos and you'll find links to some of these pieces at the end...

Although I continue to find “unnecessary” home décor (when do you ever actually go to Target for just a toothbrush…), these are the finishing touches and I’m happy to share my finds with you. Fortunately, most of my new pieces of furniture were very affordable for anyone working with a small budget. Below are only NEW things that have been added. If you see anything you want to know about that isn't mentioned, feel free to leave a comment :) 

  • The beautiful blue-themed painting was gifted to me by an amazing artist, Christine Krainock. I found it online and immediately fell in love with it; definitely check her out for beautiful pastel-like dreamy paintings.
  • Glass and white desk: IKEA
  • Glass and white shelf unit: IKEA
  • White bookcase: IKEA
  • Glass and white TV stand: IKEA
  • Dining table: Overstock
  • Dining chairs: Overstock
  • Hanging wall shelves: Etsy
  • Gold desk lamp: World Market
  • All plants and pots are from La Cienega Nursery in West Hollywood
  • Couch pillows: World Market
  • Small hanging mirror: World Market
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