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Wellness Necessities: Supplements

Wellness Necessities: Supplements

I’m trying to add in new healthy habits to my wellness routine, so this includes giving my body all of the good things it needs to function at its best. Recently I picked up the BodyBio Foundational Kit, also known as the “trifecta of health” supplements. This includes  Phosphatidylcholine (PC), Balance Oil and Butyrate. And there are years worth of research that support that these supplements optimize health and longevity.

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Phosphatidylcholine (PC) isn’t necessarily a vitamin, but rather a nootropic, which supports our brain, mood, memory and long-term cognitive resilience. It’s made of pure phospholipids that automatically form liposomes in the body. The Balance Oil is made of yummy Omega 6s and Omega 3s, which are honestly the most powerful nutrients we can give our bodies! They help with brain functioning, digestive health, immune support, liver function and cardiovascular activity. Butyrate is a short chain fatty acid that is a potent detoxifier of ammonia and neurotoxins and encourages the formation of friendly bacteria in the gut. It helps keep the good bacteria thriving and keep the bad bacteria out of your microbiome.

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These vitamins are sure to push me to function at my best by increasing energy, mental acuity, improved digestion and decreased pain associated with inflammation. Being a graduate student and working full-time, these are so necessary to keep me thriving. This trifecta is the perfect addition to my morning breakfast kicking off each of my days!

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