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Bali: My Favorite Place in the World

Bali: My Favorite Place in the World

I recently went on a solo international trip to Bali, Indonesia. I had been a few years previously and fell in love. It easily became one of my favorite places in the world. There’s something pretty magical about the energy here. Better yet, my favorite part of Bali is definitely the food, massages and low rates of the most beautiful hotels/Airbnb’s you could imagine. During my stay I decided to completely take time off of work, relax and just get comfortable with my own company. A lot of you asked about the places I stayed and ate at so I wanted to put all of that info here for you to reference. I decided to spend half of my time in Uluwatu and the second half in Ubud.


Places I stayed at in Uluwatu:


Le Cliff Bali - The most beautiful hotel right on the beach. I would 100% come back and stay here again. It’s down a large flight of stairs, but so worth it. The waves are quite loud at night so I would recommend bringing some ear plugs. It’s all worth it, I promise!

Sun Surf and Stay - Similar to Le Cliff, right on the beach and down a large flight of stairs. This place isn’t as nice as Le Cliff, but it’s right on Bingin Beach, which is a favorite of mine. You can also easily access Lucky Fish (one of my favorite dinners in all of Bali).

Places I stayed at in Ubud:


Calma Ubud - Beautiful resort! I loved staying here and their pool is just stunning. I will definitely be coming back.


Tejaprana Resort and Spa Ubud - This was a higher end resort. It was absolutely beautiful, but I would probably recommend eating outside of the hotel aside from your free breakfast. Was not super impressed with the pricing of their food.

Favorite Places to Eat in Uluwatu:

Drifter - Honestly, just GO. Soooo good. And their food is just so pretty. The spring rolls were my fave. After the first meal, I cam back for a few more meals even though I planned to go to other places.

Cashew Tree Bingin - Great spot to walk to if you’re staying on Bingin Beach. Best for breakfast and dessert. They have amazing vegan desserts.

Lucky Fish Bingin Beach - BEST DINNER IN BALI. They do a sunset dinner where you get to pick out fresh fish and they cook it for you right on the beach. It’s so delish.

Favorite Places to Eat in Ubud:

Moksa - Seriously amazing vegan food. I’m not vegan, but I wanted to come back over and over again. Desserts are also a must.

Clear Cafe - Really good food (tons of options) with an amazing ambiance. Their pad thai is my fave.

Folk Pool and Gardens - Really cool place to hang by the pool and get food and drinks if you’re wanting a change of scenery from your hotel pool.

Yoga Barn - So many good healthy options! Great place to eat before or after a yoga class.

Favorite Wellness Spots:

Karsa Spa - BEST MASSAGE IN MY LIFE. I came here a few years ago and had to come back and it was just as phenomenal as I remember. I got the 90 minute deep tissue followed by a flower bath. It’s what brought me back to Bali. Please go!

Laniakea Spa - Really great massage near Uluwatu.

Yoga Barn - Great yoga classes! And other workshops. They also have a spa here that I didn’t get to try, but wanted to.

Taksu Spa - Really cool ambiance of a spa. I only went for an aloe vera treatment, but I would go back to try a massage.

U Spa - I got a pedicure here and had a great experience!

Let me know if you try any of these and if you like them! Bali has a special place in my heart and I’m happy to share some of my favorite parts of it with you all.

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